Attention Women Who Are Tired of  Letting Menopause Symptoms Consume Their Life!

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3-Day Hormone Reset

Reclaim Your Life By Revitalizing Your Hormones In 3 Simple Steps (without giving up the food you love, exercising your face off or going on birth control!)

January 29 - 31, 2024

Say goodbye to mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue, and sluggishness!

Join the Free 3-Day Hormone Reset: Where Empowered Women Jumpstart Their Life!

Dive into a revitalizing journey just for you. Picture this:  Reclaim your energy, reignite your sparkle, and dance through life with unapologetic vibrancy.

Why settle for "meh" when you can embrace the magic of hormonal balance?  Join us on this exhilarating adventure - it's time to rewrite the script of your well-being

When You Embark on Your 3-Day Journey To Revitalize Your Hormones, You Will Receive:

Complete 3- Day Meal Plan

You will receive a complete meal plan.  No worry about figuring out what you can eat and what you can't.  Vegetarian options available too.

Recipes Galore

You will receive all the recipes required for the meal plan, plus extra's.
Simple and delicious and suitable for the whole family.

Grocery List

No worry, a full grocery list is provided making it easy to determine what you already have at home and what you will need to purchase.

Daily Zoom Q&A

You are never alone.  There is daily LIVE Q&A sessions at 7pm | EST to check in and have your questions answered.  Get the support from all participants

How to Know if This Reset is Right for You?

Are you are a Woman, ages 35-65

Are you experiencing hot flashes/night sweats

You've noticed brain fog, lack of energy, changes in your body composition

You feel tired all the time - you wake up more tired than when you went to bed

If you said YES, to any 1 of the above questions, this reset is for you!

During This 3-Day Hormone Reset You Will

You will gain an understanding what is happening in your body as you move from pre to post menopause, and what the various stages on menopause are.

You will gain an understanding of why what you have done in the past is no longer working and why, (and why it's not your fault)!

Learn that making Menopause The Best Time of Your Life is not only possible, but can be a reality!

Meet Carol Trotter, a passionate advocate for women's health and well-being, and the driving force behind The RevolutionizeHER Program! After enduring years of perimenopausal struggles herself, Carol underwent a transformative journey that ignited her mission to serve and support women navigating the complexities of menopause.

As a certified holistic nutritionist, CEO, and Founder of The RevolutionizeHER Program!, Carol brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to her work. Her own challenges fueled her dedication to ensuring that no woman should face the isolating and bewildering journey of perimenopause alone.

In her role, Carol empowers women with knowledge, guiding them through the intricacies of hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause. Her holistic approach goes beyond symptom management, aiming to address the root causes and provide women with the tools they need to not only reduce but potentially eliminate their menopausal symptoms.

Carol's mission is clear: to reach and help as many women as possible during this delicate and transformative phase of life. By assisting them in balancing their hormones, regaining energy, and rediscovering confidence, she aims to redefine the narrative of menopause and empower women to embrace this phase with vitality and resilience.

With The RevolutionizeHER Program!, Carol is not just a coach; she is a guide, a companion, and a beacon of support for women seeking to make the menopausal journey a time of empowerment and positive transformation. Join Carol on this revolutionary path to reclaiming health, energy, and confidence during menopause

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